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The Pantaloons are a young, vibrant theatre company whose style draws from a wide variety of popular theatre traditions from commedia dell'arte and clowning to stand-up comedy and silent movies. In our theatre, your imagination is just as important as ours.

Open-air theatre - Summer 2015

open-air theatre for 2015

For summer 2015 we are touring not one, nor two, nor even four shows! Three. That's the magic number. Of shows. We are touring next summer. Yes, we need to work on our marketing text. How about: Expect pride, prejudice, pirates and practical jokes...
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Coming soon - Macbeth (Autumn 2015)

Macbeth poster

Taking our cues from film noir, gangland Britain and the clowning tradition (yes, really) we put own contemporary spin on Shakespeare's most dangerous play. Tragic and hilarious in equal measures, expect a truly innovative take on 'The Scottish Play' (we're not allowed to say 'Macbeth', apparently. Health and safety gone mad.)
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